bronze clear black red fly reel Einarsson Plus
Einarsson Plus fly fishing reel
bronze fly reel Einarsson Plus
bronze fly fishing reel Einarsson Plus
Einarsson Fly Fishing Plus Series reels
Einarsson Fly Fishing Plus reels
bronze Einarsson Plus fly reels
red fly reel Einarsson Plus

Einarsson Plus Reels

Regular price $732.00

With a completely sealed braking system, silky smooth drag, and strong yet lightweight materials, the Plus is engineered to deliver the best angling experience possible.

Silky Smooth Drag
The drag package is a combination of materials that ensures smoothness while maintaining a constant force at all settings. The carbon fiber disks are made in the USA.

Fully Sealed Brake System
Fresh water, salt water, sand... it doesn't matter. The brake system is completely sealed and maintenance-free.

Made to Last
The aluminum parts of the Plus reels are machined out of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum to ensure strength and stability for a lifetime of hard use. The main frame and spools are forged aluminum, while the main shaft is stainless steel for top perfor