Einarsson Fly Fishing Invictus reel
Einarsson Fly Fishing Invictus reel
Einarsson Invictus fly fishing reel
fly reel Einarsson Invictus
Einarsson Invictus Reel shock absorbing brake

Einarsson Invictus Reels

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When you fish with an Einarsson reel, you will immediately feel the tight tolerances and smooth drag. One of the finest reels on the market, it will provide you with a lifetime of exceptional performance and pleasure.

Invictus features the Shock Absorbing Brake, a patented drag system which produces a smoother delivery and greater control.

How does the SAB drag system work?
When a fish pulls on the line, conventional reels convert that energy to heat, but the Invictus with SAB stores part of that energy in a spring which levels out the shock waves when a fish jumps or shakes its head. This results in the smoothest possible drag and a softer experience for the angler, with fewer line breaks and more landed fish. Read more...

Type III hard anodized
Unlike the Type II anodizing used on most reels, Type III can be applied to an extreme thickness with a bullet-had coating. This is the ultimate coating for an outdoor product.  All Invictus reels are Type III Hard Anodized.

Three Sizes

The 6/8 is suitable for single-handed rods and switch rods. The 8/10 is ideal for switch rods and light to medium double-handed rods. The 10/12 is a great match for heavyweight 14' to 16' rods.