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Scientific Anglers gets it right with Ultra Compact Lines

 It's obvious that I am a fan of rods under 12 feet.  For many reasons and in many places they are more efficient and more fun. For me personally I really appreciate the total working length, which is the rod plus the basic line systems length required to cast it.

I like to call these types of casting systems Projectile Casting Systems. Lots of grains in a very compact head design, looped to a smaller diameter mono running line.  Basically we are talking a projectile looped to a mono tether. Although it is a functional option for casting and swinging it's very limited in a cast and stripping situation, with loop connections sticking and banging through the guides, and the bounce back tends to create a sloppy presentation. 

However, I had the opportunity this early spring to fish the Scientific Anglers Skagit and Scandi Lite on my Renegade Series rods. The SA team has taken a really great idea and made it basically perfect.  Both the Skagit and Scandi Lite are designed with an integrated running line that is the ideal diameter to stabilize the energy and flight of the perfect projectile style Skagit and Scandi heads.

It goes without saying that both the Skagit and Scandi Lite are absolutely high performance butter on the Renegade two handers. The Skagit and Scandi Lite integrated running line where beyond belief on the Renegade Series single handed rods. Total rocket launcher, with no loop connections sticking and banging through the guides. Take your pick, Skagit for the big critter casting and the Scandi for the most accurate and delicate presentation I have ever cast.

The SA Skagit and Scandi Lite are a huge leap forward in the short 2 handed and any single handed Skagit casting with a projectile casting system. Both the Skagit and Scandi Lite are in my opinion the ideal evolution of the ultra compact head design taken to the required next level with a trouble free, ideal diameter integrated running line. And the SA Skagit Lite is available in a loop to loop head also.  

To compliment the Skagit and Scandi Lite head performance, the team at SA designed the sonar leaders and TC tips both with the ideal taper for effortless turnover. The TC tips are duel density for an ultra precise depth control and multiple length sets.

I am impressed with the design of the TC Tip system. These tips are tapered, fully textured, and utilize dual density technology. Available in a large range of densities to get the fly just where you need it.

I can say from experience, fishing the entire systems on my Pieroway Renegade series over a wide range of casting and fishing conditions the SA Skagit and Scandi Lite, Sonar leaders and the TC tips are the new standard, a stroke of genius and a must have for everyone with a single handed rod and the shorter 2 handed rod lovers. You now have a perfectly designed ultra compact Scandi and Skagit with an integrated running line.  The possible applications are endless. 

Tie on a fly and go do it. 


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