Collection: Dirty Hoh

The Dirty Hoh design is more than a super swimmy string leech pattern. The fly is a culmination of many years of focus on a single idea of how to make a large or small string leech with a predictable sink and rinse rate. 
The most genuine and important outcome of the many years of evolution of the Dirty Hoh platform is the predictable hook up location in the fish's mouth. There are three design features that result in an ultra high percentage of hook ups in the corner of the mouth: the designed length of the short shank, the ultra flexible nature of the design, and the rabbit strip being attached to the hook with a twisted hitch. Not only is the corner of the mouth the highest odds of landing fish, but it is also the most fish-friendly place to hook up.
In short, the Dirty Hoh is the easiest big pattern to cast that will fish with ease right where you want it in the water column and hook more fish in the most fish-friendly way possible.
Improve your odds of success!! Enjoy your casting!!! And be as fish-friendly as possible.
Chinook: about 4" long
Steelhead: about 3.5" long
Mini: about 3" long