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Composite Loops go to Thailand

Composites Loops Make the Journey to Thailand  After traveling half way around the word, I am back in the PNW. Cold and wet, but it is good to be back where steelhead roam. I have been very fortunate to be able to travel to Thailand to train some very talented tiers in the use of composite loops and the tying of my flies. This has been a dream of mine for years and it finally has happened. I have been immersed in the Thai culture for a week and what an eye opening experience it has been. The food, the beer, the coffee and the very kind people. I feel blessed to be able to train some people and have...

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The Evolution of the Skagit System... Let’s start with the Renegade Series

In my mind, the Skagit system continues to evolve. This evolution of an idea to make casting and fishing performance as efficient and productive as possible, while covering a wide variety of fishing situations and techniques. To maximize effectiveness and efficiency in all casting and fishing situations, I prefer a shorter rod and proper weight reel. The rod should be balanced and light in the hand.

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