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Chevron Hackle

Chevron Hackle - Chickabou Pelt

Chevron Hackle - Chickabou Pelt

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$30 for 1 Chickabou Pelt

These Chevron Chickabou pelts are a great deal.  These pelts include the breast, flank and the rump patch.  The size of these skins is amazing with a large selection of feathers.  There are soft hackle feathers, that are wide and webby for collars on salmon, steelhead, bass, and saltwater flies.  Some feathers can also be used to tie matuka style flies. Then you have the chickabou which is a smaller than your standard marabou. Much finer than turkey marabou, the chickabou is excellent for small streamers, leech patterns, dragonfly, and damselfly nymphs.

Available in natural grizzly and dyed over grizzly.


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