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Chevron Hackle

Chevron Hackle - Monster Guinea Skin

Chevron Hackle - Monster Guinea Skin

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$50 for 1 Guinea Skin

These Guinea Skins are the finest I have seen.  The skins measure 18" x 12".  With a skin this large, the fly tier has a great range of feathers to choose from, large rump feathers to hackle steelhead flies or fine shoulder feathers for trout soft hackles.  Guinea gives a steelhead fly a nice look whether using the natural black and white feather or using a dyed feather as hackle.  The dye work on these skins is impeccable.  Use Guinea for spey flies, steelhead flies, classic salmon flies, also cheeks on bass and saltwater lies.  Give a trout wet fly a turn of guinea hackle to give the fly a natural buggy look.

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