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Chevron Hackle

Chevron Hackle - Pheasant Cape

Chevron Hackle - Pheasant Cape

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$11.99 for Cock Pheasant Cape

Chevron Hackle Company is located in the UK.  They are well known for a wide range of high quality dyed and prepared feathers for fly tying.  You will not find better dyed feathers on the market, the colors hold fast and will not rub off on your hands.  

I am fortunate to be one of two sellers of Chevron Hackle in North America.  

This cape is from the neck area of the Ringneck Pheasant.  The feathers on the cape have a unique iridescence in addition to some fine bright white feathers.  These white feathers take dyeing very well, giving some extremely vibrant colors. 

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