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Full Grizzly Saddle Patch

Full Grizzly Saddle Patch

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$44.95 for 1 Whole Grizzly Saddle

These are the same grizzly saddle patches I use for the Ultra Squid.  The feathers are long enough and not too stiff so they form good wavy legs on the squid.  These full sized saddles are all purpose, whether you are tying buggers or dries, wings on intruders or just need a wrap of hackle at the front of a fly.  

I was able to hand select 200 for production and now I am making them available to other fly tiers.

Custom dyed for me at the same facility that ties my flies.

  • Natural Grizzly
  • Blue
  • Fl. Chartreuse
  • Hot Orange
  • Hot Pink
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