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Ultra Rig Kit - Round Eye

Ultra Rig Kit - Round Eye

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We have felt for a long time that steelhead flies with trailing loops need another style of rigging. Wire tends to be stiff and can become compromised if hitting rocks. Braids are too flexible and soft, causing the hook to foul on the fly or leader.

The Ultra Rig is a new style of rigging that remains flexible, even in freezing conditions, but is stiff enough to keep the trailing hook in place. This rigging system is super durable — we use 50 pound spider wire threaded through a soft tubing. The hook is fixed in the perfect location in the fly to maximize ideal hook up with excellent flexibility. The Ultra Rig also will allow the angler to position the hook by simply turning the hook in the tubing. The hook can be replaced by pushing the tubing up the hook bend enough to release the girth hitch.

Each Ultra Rig Kit Contains:

-10 AquaTalon Size 2 Hooks
-10 Aqua Flies Round Eye Shanks
-70 inches of 50 pound Spider Wire
-12 inches of Ultra Tubing

To see a video by Jerry French on how to tie using the Ultra Rig, visit

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