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Ultra Tubing

Ultra Tubing

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Ultra Tubing

Ultra Tubing is the ideal tubing to use when building an Ultra Rig system or rigging an intruder the old school method.  The Ultra Tubing fits perfectly onto an Aqua Flies shank and fits firmly over the eye of a hook.  This style of rigging allows the hook to be placed in the optimal position behind the fly. Ultra Tubing remains flexible in all weather conditions, even below freezing. 

It is easy to rig a fly that is tied on a shank with no trailing loop.  First thread your tippet through the eye of the fly.  Run the tippet over the top or the bottom fly, comb the materials around the tippet so the tippet is not smashing the fly.  Take a short piece of Ultra Tubing and thread the tippet through the tube.  Fit the tube onto the end of the shank, tie on your hook to the tippet and pull the tippet until the eye of the hook is in the tubing. At this point you can twist the hook into the position you prefer.



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